About us

The premier construction and building materials company in Puntland State of Somalia, Mubarak Group of Companies(MGC) has been making a name for itself by revolutionizing the construction and building materials industry in Puntland, with the effect of emitting an unbreakable influence over these industries throughout the entirety of Somalia. Known and respected by its peers and clients for its professionalism, engineering prowess, quality and integrity. Having a hand in every major architectural and engineering project in the Puntland State, MGC has altered the city skyline and landscape of every major city in the Puntland State.

With 17 years of experience, almost as senior as the Puntland State itself, MGC is equally as ambitious as the State itself to continue this track record of success into its third decade of existence and far beyond. If one reads the profile of projects completed by MGC it reads as the who’s-who list of successful individuals, entities-whether private or public, and politicians, all who have come in search of the best.

  • When the largest telecommunication firm in Puntland wanted a new headquarters, it went to the best, MGC.
  • When one of the most successful banking companies wanted a new building in Garowe and Bosaso, it went to the best, MGC.
  • When the United Nations Mission to Puntland needed a new home, it settled at the best, MGC.
  • When the Government of Puntland needed a new runway, it went to the best, MGC.

With over 300 unique villas constructed over the last 17 years, it’s safe to say, MGC really did build Puntland, bringing world standard luxury and lifestyle choices to the great State of Puntland.