Roof tiles, Interlocks and Blocks

Mubarak Roof tiles & Interlocks Company is a subsidiary company of Mubarak Group of Companies (MGC). The sole producer of roof tiles, interlocks and concrete blocks, MGC is the preeminent choice for customers seeking quality and value at an exceptional price. With its own plant based in Garowe & Bosaso, Puntland, Somalia, MGC through its subsidiary company is providing world standard products without the world standard prices inflated through long voyages and accompanying transportation costs. Our products shall transform any structure into one seemingly handpicked from any country and style of your wish-We have well designed and Styled, roof tiles readily available, not to suppress our other countless of options suited to every individual’s tastes and needs.

A simple addition, roof tiles can progress a structure into the modern age through its overpowering ability to demand the eyes of its beholder. Modern styled roofing equates to modern styled structures.